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Vernon Higham Hymns G

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” 
Psalm 133:1
(87.87.D.  Dim Ond Iesu)

Gaze upon the hills of Zion,
Rising in their strong array,
There the dew of gentle Hermon,
Springs with purity each day.
Sweet the incense of Thy freshness,
Sweet the presence of our King;
Glorious is Thy ready kindness –
This Thy saints will ever sing.

Blessèd sight to see each brother,
Pleasant is their happy part;
One in Thee and in each other;
Blessèd unity of heart.
Like the kindness of God’s favour
Shed in fragrance on their gown;
Blessèd garment of Thy splendour;
Sweet the incense of Thy dawn.

There the blessing God commanded;
There in hearts united, strong;
There the person of the Godhead;
Blessèd Saviour be their song.
Hail! all hail our blest Redeemer!
Hail, Thy coming now to stay;
Praise and glory be for ever,
Let Thy sceptre gently sway.

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”  Isaiah 9:6
(Irregular:  Hwiangerdd Mair)

Suai’r gwynt’ by W. Nantlais Williams(1874-1959)
Translation: W. Vernon Higham (b.1926)

Gentle breeze, gentle breeze

Silently passing the door.

Mary lying on bed of straw,

Watching her baby fair.

Thoughtfully gazing upon His face,

Nursing the Maker of God’s gracious grace.

Singing sweet melody

Sleep, sleep, my dearest One

Sleep, until break of day.

Sleep, sleep, sleep

Sleep awhile, sleep awhile,
Until the shepherds come.
Come, come to a humble home,
Wise men in turn arrive.
Sleep until Herod arrives with his sword,
Sleep for a while then awake Living Word.
Sleep till the Cross be Thine.

Sleep, sleep my dearest One

Sleep until break of day.

Sleep, sleep, sleep

“Let us run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.”  Hebrews 12:1,2 (  The Path Divine)

Glory to Thee, my Lord,
Infinite King;
Wonderful peace afford
Under Thy wing!
Incarnate Deity,
Merciful Calvary,
This is my only plea:
Hear my heart sing.

Glory I bring to Thee
Not of mine own,
All Thou hast given me
Now I return.
All Thine enabling grace
Leads me on life’s long race,
Until I see Thy face,
When I come home.

Glory belongs to Thee,
To Thee alone;
Thieves we must never be
Before Thy throne.
We are the lost now found,
Here on redemption ground,
Hearing the Gospel sound,
No more to roam.

Glory and praises sweet
Flow to Thee now;
True adoration meet
See as we bow.
Glory to God above,
Father and Son of love
Spirit who, Holy Dove,
Grace dost endow.

“That He might present it to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle, or any such thing; but it should be holy and without blemish.” 
Ephesians 5:27
(C.M.  St. Stephen)

Glory to Thee, O God above,
For Thou hast loved Thine own.
Thy blessèd Son with costly love,
Has made us Thine alone.

Thy glorious church while here on earth,
Is purchased as His bride,
Robed in a righteousness of worth
Is heaven’s delight and pride.

Sweet is the covenant of grace
Uniting two in Thee;
Love and obedience now embrace
In happy harmony.

What God has joined for His name’s sake
No man shall separate;
Sacred the promises we make
Ourselves to consecrate.

One with each other and with Thee
In holy unity,
Our lives upon Thine altar be
In love’s captivity.

O grant the presence of the Lord
To seal the promise rare,
And give the blessing of Thy Word
With everlasting care.

“An inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you.”  
1 Peter 1:4
(87.87.D  Arwelfa)

God eternal in salvation
Planned a way for man to call;
Found him deep in degradation,
Ruined twice by sin and Fall.
By election of the Father;
Sprinkled by our Saviour’s blood;
Holy Spirit, Sanctifier –
See God’s plan and mercy’s flood!

Precious is the faith God gave us,
Lasting all the strife of time;
Testing in the fiery furnace,
All to purge the dross and grime.
Tender see the Master’s dealing,
Purging, cleansing, work Divine;
Spirit teaching, gold refining,
Till the Saviour’s image shine.

Heaven’s a home without corruption,
Undefiled and spotless, pure,
Planned in mercy, God’s foundation,
Word of life, steadfast and sure.
Loving Him with eyes that see not,
Sight of faith alone can see,
God is our eternal comfort,
Holy, blessèd Trinity.

“I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which Thou hast given me; for they are Thine.  And all Mine are Thine, and Thine are Mine; and I am glorified in them.” 
John 17:9,10
(77.77.D.  Hollingside or Aberystwyth)

God eternal, can it be,
From beyond the clouds of time,
Thou hast chosen even me,
Named me in Thy courts sublime?
Timeless grace, immortal love
Now in Christ has filled my soul,
With this knowledge from above,
That He took sin’s heavy toll.

Though I search, I cannot bring
Any merit that will gain;
Tarnished, tainted, everything
Sin has touched, my spirit slain.
Was it, Lord, to such as I,
Deep in sin’s depravity,
That Thy mercy called to fly
Out of darkness unto Thee?

Chosen by Thy grace alone,
Hidden reasons to Thee know;
All I know, Thou didst atone,
Claimed and took me as Thine own.
Chosen Saviour to redeem,
Costly mission to perform,
Work peculiar, yet supreme,
As He took our human form.

Thine I am, Thy prayer reveals,
For the Father brought me nigh;
Such security appeals
That Thy truth will sanctify.
Even me, how can it be
That these lips should sing Thy praise?
Sweet Redeemer, now I see
What it costs to grant this grace.

“And the eyes of them that see shall not be dim, and the ears of them that hear shall hearken.” 
Isaiah 32:3
(87.87.D.  Dusseldorf)

God of righteousness and mercy,
Grant Thy grace to those who cry
For a knowledge of Thy glory,
And Thy wondrous love on high.
Touch our eyes with healing vision;
From our minds this dimness move.
Let us see Thy great salvation;
Reach our hearts, as grace we prove.

Blessèd are the eyes that see Thee
As their Saviour and their King,
Ears that hear the Prince of Calvary
Speaking words that comfort bring.
In the wilderness a shadow
From the scorching of the fray;
Now a tenderness in sorrow:
By this Rock we’ll ever stay.

In the tempest and the fury
Of the anger of all ill,
Satan’s host in cruel hurry
Crowds our souls with accents shrill.
In our conflict, this our haven,
Rock eternal, love’s embrace;
Thou wilt ever spread confusion,
Scatter foes and grant us grace.

This assurance comforts ever

All Thy children in life’s way,

For Thy promises have never

Failed the weakest in that day.

Thou hast granted this outpouring

Of Thy Spirit and Thy love,

Peace and quietness now giving

As we gaze on Him above.

“For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”  2 Corinthians 4:6 (87.87.D)

William Williams (1717-91)
Trans. William Vernon Higham

God, unseen, but yet I love Thee.
How profound Thy work of grace!
Such amazing strength has drawn me
From my sinful sad disgrace.
Thou dost more in one swift moment
Than our world could e’er achieve,
Rule my soul  in sweet contentment,
Made my hardened heart believe.


Deaf the ear, and blind the eyesight
All man’s effort hope to find,
Nor imagine, such an insight
Of God’s essence, in man’s mind.
Yet despite all this I love Thee,
More than all that men delight,
Or their words that come to tempt me,
Or present scenes to my sight.


Dwelling in the heights of glory,
Far above man’s highest thought.
As for me, these depths my story,
Trapped in sin forever caught.
How Thy Presence binds me to Thee
Richer far than man’s display,
And Thy fellowship enthrals me,
More than men can e’er convey. 

Based on 1 Peter 1
(D.C.M.  Rhos)

Grant me a glimpse of glory Lord
Upon my pilgrimage;
A deep assurance from Thy Word,
Make precious every page.
‘O glory in the highest sing
To Thy almighty name;
The end of faith declare, my King,
Inspire my hope to flame.

There is a place of peace and joy,
Inheritance of God,
Where I shall all my praise employ
To magnify the Lord.
There is a place of purity,
Corruption cannot spoil,
A home reserved in heaven for me,
The end of all my toil.

This precious faith more fine than gold
Is fiercely tried by fire,
But Thou wilt never lose Thy hold
Nor fail in moments dire.
He glorifies His name in me,
His honour to declare;
In ways of wisest mystery
He guides my soul with care.

With joy unspeakable my heart
Lays hold on God above;
The knowledge that I have a part
Tells me of His great love.
O speak to me in accent clear,
And tell me I am Thine;
O tell me, show me, I am dear,
Close to Thy heart divine.

Invisible to human eye,
I have not seen my Lord,
Yet with a heart of faith I cry,
I love Thee O my God.
This living hope of life is mine;
Thy love shed in my heart;
The God of grace and peace will shine
Within me, ne’er to part.

My eyes shall see Thy blessèd face
In God’s eternal rest,
When I have run Thy chosen race,
Rejoicing with the blest.
O then shall I Thy face behold
With unbeclouded sight,
A ransomed soul within Thy fold,
A child of God’s delight.

“Heirs together of the grace of life.” 
1 Peter 3:7
(87.87.47  Mannheim)

Grant, O Lord, our pure petition
On this union here to stay;
Give Thy gracious benediction
On this covenant today.
Days of gladness,
Days of gladness,
In their pilgrimage with Thee.

Dear Lord Jesus, guest of honour,
Take Thy place, adorn with grace,
With Thy presence and Thy favour
This occasion – now embrace.
Precious moments,
Precious moments,
When the feast is filled with Thee.

O how wondrous is Thy guidance,
Through the winding ways of life;
Looking at Thy constant count’nance,
Every step in joy or strife.
O such friendship,
O such friendship,
Resting in Thy tender care.

Blessèd Jesus in Thy mercy
Seal these promises with power;
Sweetest union, now with beauty,
Sanctify this solemn hour.
Glorious cov’nant,
Glorious cov’nant,
God ordained for all mankind.

“That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; and to know the love of Christ.” 
Ephesians 3:17-19
(87.87.D.  Prysgol)

Great and wondrous is the mystery
Born in time thus Christ revealed.
Strange and glorious is the history:
God incarnate, once concealed,
Lived and died and rose victorious
Over sin and man’s despair,
Shattered Satan’s schemes disastrous,
Granted grace and soul’s repair.

Miracle beyond conception
Of imagination’s sphere,
This is God’s own true salvation,
Truth’s reality draws near.
In our hearts there dwells a Saviour,
There by faith, His gift of love
In our living, strengthened daily
By the indwelling of the Dove.

Rich in Christ, and rich for ever,
Rooted, grounded in His love;
O, the mercy of the Father!
Giving wisdom from above;
Comprehension to the sinner,
That our hearts may now be sealed
With the love of our Redeemer –
O, the wonder now revealed!

Yet this love surpasses knowledge,
Knowing Him, and yet to know,
Living, learning every privilege,
Filled with God, whilst here below.
Far above all expectation,
He is able to fulfil
Strength within from this relation,
For it is the Father’s will.

Praise His name for ages ever,
Let the heavens resound their joy;
For His mercies will not sever,
Nor His holiness destroy.
We have boldness now of access,
Paved by blood, the price of sin,
Confidence in Him, the sinless,
Faith of God now dwells within.

“Great is the mystery of godliness”
1 Timothy 3:16
(  Pantyfedwyn)

Great is the gospel of our glorious God,
Where mercy met the anger of God’s rod;
A penalty was paid and pardon bought,
And sinners lost, at last to Him were brought:

O let the praises of my heart be Thine,
For Christ has died that I may call Him mine,
That I may sing with those who dwell above,
Adoring, praising Jesus, King of Love.

Great is the mystery of godliness,
Great is the work of God’s own holiness,
It moves my soul, and causes me to long
For greater joys than to the earth belong:

The Spirit vindicated Christ our Lord,
And angels sang with joy and sweet accord;
The nations heard, a dark world flamed with light –
When Jesus rose in glory and in might:

Vernon Higham Hymns H

“Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?  Then said I, Here am I; send me.” 
Isaiah 6:8
(87.87.D.  Dim Ond Iesu or Lux Eoi)

Have you heard the voice of Jesus
Softly pleading with your heart?
Have you felt His presence glorious,
As He calls your soul apart,
With a love so true and loyal,
Love divine that ever flows
From a Saviour, righteous, royal,
And a cross that mercy shows?

Have you heard the voice of mercy
Granting peace and pardon pure?
Have you felt the balm of Calvary
Binding all your wounds secure?
Was there ever such salvation?
Was there ever care like this?
See the Saviour’s grief and passion,
Grace and mercy’s gentle kiss.

Have you heard the Saviour calling
All to leave and follow Him?
Have you felt His Person drawing
With compulsion lives to win?
Hearken to His invitation,
To the music of God’s grace;
Let the peace of God’s salvation
Fill your soul, and love embrace.

Will you hear the voice of Jesus
Calling home to mansions fair?
Will you know the promise precious,
And the Shepherd’s tender care?
Yes, if you in life responded
To God’s grace and gospel sound:
For they never are confounded
Who believed and Jesus found.

“The precious blood of Christ.” 
1 Peter 1:19

Here behold a place of mercy,
In His blood, acceptance find.
Here a haven for the guilty,
Heals my wounds, Physician kind.
Near the Godhead blessèd shelter,
Where the sinner finds a nest.
Heaven’s pure justice now in wonder
Granting me eternal rest.

God in glory planned salvation
Rescues us by pow’r divine.
There in Eden God’s salvation
He revealed of woman’s line.
Now he justifies the godless,
Bringing life unto the dead.
Justice smiles on sinners helpless,
Now at peace with God their head.

Ann Griffiths  (1776- 1805)
Trans. William Vernon Higham 

“... let us come boldly unto the throne of grace” 
Hebrews 4:16

Here I stand in sin by nature,
Of the living I am chief.
Grace alone secures my future,
God in sorrow sees my grief.
Jesus stands in law’s fulfilment,
To transgressors mercy gives.
God and man in glad contentment
In this peace my soul now lives.

Boldly now my soul approaching,
Golden sceptre in God’s hand
Reaching forth, to hear my pleading
Then His gracious sweet command.
Here I stand in sin beseeching.
Yes, I’ll fall before His feet.
Oh for pardon and for cleansing
In His blood, His grace to greet.

Ann Griffiths  (1776-1805)
Trans. William Vernon Higham 


“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.  Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” 
John 14:27

How blest are they who know their Lord
In sweet Redemptive grace,
When love and mercy in concord
Remove our sad disgrace.

How far away our soul can be
From God who loved so much
And wander far and cannot see,
The dismal end of such.

That silent visit to the heart
Displays the sinner’s plight.
That birth anew that set apart
The soul to see this light.

These beams of grace from that great Throne
Bring life into the dead.
The Spirit in response alone
To Him, of life the bread.

The Bread of life is Christ alone,
Who gives what satisfies,
We look at Him who did atone
And heard the sinner’s cries.

There is a peace the Saviour gives
To every anxious heart.
A peace that fills the soul, which lies
In Thee, no more to part.

This peace of God alone has power,
Keeps heart and mind so calm.
This peace of God alone has power
To shed on me His balm.

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: and I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.” 
John 10:27,28
(D.C.M.  Kingsfold)

Gaenor’s Hymn

How sweet a message came to me
From heaven’s courts above:
My Jesus called and heard my plea
To know how great His love;
I saw His cross and gazed amazed
At such a payment paid.
The God of Glory satisfied,
His hand now on me laid.

I shelter in His matchless grace,
And know and feel His care,
The hollow of His hand my place
And see His face so fair.
What is this tenderness to me,
That words can ne’er express?
It is the Love of Calvary
The touch of God’s caress.

He gave a song for me to sing
Of glories waiting there.
He told me He Himself would bring
My soul within His care,
I stood upon the shores of love,
His hand took hold of mine,
Safe in His mercy far above
To gaze on God sublime. 

“In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you.  I go to prepare a place for you ...” 
John 14:2
(86.84.  St. Cuthbert)

How sweet the knowledge in my heart
Of mansions fair above,
Where Thou, my Saviour, ever art,
O fount of love.

This transient world with sorrows deep,
And pain, and grief and woe,
Shall be no more, so none shall weep
Or fear the foe.

The sting of death, removed by grace
Can never harm us there,
For we are safe in His embrace
Above all fear.

My longing soul is satisfied
For Jesus Christ is mine;
My thirst is quenched, my hunger filled
With meat divine.

My faith is turned to glorious sight
As I my Lord behold;
My hope fulfilled, I see His might –
His power untold.

He gave me love, and on its course
He drew me to His breast,
And there I saw the fount and source
Where love does rest.

Forever with the Lord to be,
A pardoned sinner now;
A promise realised to me –
His perfect vow.


“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”  Psalm 133:1 (C.M.)

How wondrous is the fellowship
When those in Christ we greet.
For there is no relationship
Compared with union sweet.

This mystic union we embrace,
Is like the ointment rare.
The fragrance of such grace we trace
And marvel at His care.

The dew of mercy from above
Rests on His church on earth;
Refreshing all with God’s own Love
Dispelling far the dearth.

The beauty of our worship pure
Ascends as incense sweet,
The word of God will then assure
His saving word to greet.

The mountains of the Lord rejoice,
The vales responds in song
The thunder of God’s mighty voice
That we to Him belong.

Vernon Higham Hymns I

“And He hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it and fear, and shall trust in the Lord.” 
Psalm 40:3
(C.M.  Southwell)

I find within my soul a sigh
That nought on earth can meet:
I come to Thee, O Lord most high
And with my heart Thee greet.
How can I come to Thee and live
Except Thou draw me nigh,
And from Thy bounteous store do give
The grace no more to die?

Thy Cross of mercy shows a way
That God in love displays;
Where Thy dear Son has moved away
My guilt, and peace has made.

I thank Thee for the grace that sought
My weary soul for Thee,
And from the depths of sin has brought
Me safe to Calvary.

How can I ever follow Thee
With faltering steps and will,
If Thou wilt not enable me,
And be my Guardian still?

Without Thy grace I cannot move,
Nor holiness desire;
But now I find desires to prove
And after Thee enquire.

Thou art the God who quickened me
And brought me from the dead,
Who causes me from sin to flee,
And live for Thee instead.

“Behold the days come, saith the Lord, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah.” 
Jeremiah 31:31
(88.88.D  Trewen)

I gaze at the wonder of love
My God has unfolded to me;
A love that will plan from above,
A guide that will lead me to Thee.

The grace of Thy covenant care,
Entrances my soul with delight;
For Thou art the God who dost share
Thy riches of grace in my sight.

The things that would bring me dismay,
I lay in Thy wonderful hands;
That maketh all things in Thy way
To serve and obey Thy demands.

The sorrows of guilt and of sin
Forever are taken away.
Thy grace is my comfort within;
Thy word is my strength in that day.

Secure in Thy love I remain,
For no separation can be;
My Saviour forever will reign –
The victor of blest Calvary.

“Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy.” Jude:4 (C.M.)

I have not been this way before,
This strange and treacherous climb.
Yet I believe there is a store
In Christ, of grace that’s mine.


I gently tread where He has trod,
Each footprint place mine own.
I follow hard my precious Lord
Whose way to me has shown.


For there are times we have to face,
As pilgrims have before;
Yet careful is the God of Grace
In all our trials sore.


In death’s dark vale I’ll fear no ill,
My Jesus near me stands.
For He will all His word fulfil,
And keep me in His hands.


For then I know the day will come,
I’ll stand in stainless gown.
When God shall bring His children home
And give each one a crown.


I stand amazed at such a sight
Beyond all human thought;
At His right hand such joys delight,
Those riches dearly bought.


What words can show our gratitude,
For God’s redemptive grace.
How rich the love that does include
His chosen to embrace.


Hail Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
Oh blessed Three in One.
The costly cross our only boast,
We worship Thee alone.

“Unto you therefore which believe He is precious.” 
1 Peter 2:7 (87.87.D  Constance)

I have not seen Thy face, O Lord,
Yet with my heart I love Thee;
For Thou hast plucked each tender cord
With pleasing touch of mercy.
O Saviour, Lord, my King and Friend,
I worship Thee with gladness;
And by Thy grace I will defend
The Name that brought me kindness.

I have not known Thee here on earth,
Yet with my soul I trust Thee;
For Thou hast stirred my thought to birth
Of God and heaven and glory.
O precious Saviour, hear my praise
With songs of joy and wonder;
For Thou hast taught my lips to raise
A theme of words so tender.

Now I have seen Thy glorious face,
With eyes of faith unveiling
The splendour of the theme of grace,
All to my mind revealing.
Such bliss and happiness is mine
To know the God of glory;
For who could call the Lord divine
But for Thy grace and mercy?

“Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” 
Matthew 7:14
(D.C.M.  Kingsfold)

I heard about a narrow way
That leads to mansions fair,
A way of danger night and day,
Where Satan waits to tear.
The pilgrim on this living path
Must steadfast keep his pace,
And look to Jesus Christ, who hath
Sufficient strength and grace.

There is a way both broad and sweet
To draw the human gaze;
We in our frailty rush to greet
Each sin and foolish craze:
Yet, if I look beyond, I see
An end of bitter pain,
Where Satan holds, and none can flee,
And I shall call in vain.

O spare me Lord, from such an end,
And grant me grace to see
That I must call, and I must bend,
And come to Calvary.
O let me find within my breast
A holy sorrow’s tear,
And cry to Thee in my distress
To find that Thou art near.

Thou art the way my soul did hear
That leads me to that home;
I find in Thee a friend so dear,
No longer need I roam.
Thou art my Saviour, Lord and King,
And glorious Advocate;
And this I know, that Thou wilt bring
Thine own through heaven’s gate.

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” 
Revelation 21:4

I heard about a place so sweet,
Where God is all in all.
A place where God Himself does greet
The ones who heard His call.
Oh tell me more for this I plea,
Where tears are known no more.
For God Himself, my eyes shall see
His grace in endless store.

My fallen nature cries with pain.
‘Can this be ever mine?’
Then came that day, my pride was slain,
By quickening power divine.
My soul awoke,  now to behold
The Saviour died for me,
And saw the Love of God unfold,
On wondrous Calvary.

It must have been God’s grace alone,
That rescued even me.
The love that claimed me as His own,
From Satan set me free.
Oh tell me more about this Land,
Where God resides supreme.
Then lead me by Thy loving Hand
To joys no man can dream.

There are no words that man can find,
To praise this plan divine.
The scheme of God for lost mankind,
And Jesus made this mine.
What mystery of grace is this
Within the heart of God?
What wondrous love that made me His
Made Heaven my sweet abode.

“Behold, the half was not told me.” 
1 Kings 10:7
(D.C.M. Rhos)

I heard about the Son of Man,
His beauty failed to see;
And wandered far, and vainly ran,
Believing I was free.
And then Thy kind restraining grace
Upon my soul took hold.
I stood amazed, and saw Thy face – 
The half had not been told!

Thy mercy led me through the vale;
My heart, with sorrow laid,
With trembling trust and visage pale,
Beheld the price He paid.
Such majesty and dignity!
Though piercing crown was worn;
This blood and sacrifice to me
Brought peace and I was born.

O blessèd Jesus, lovely name,
A rose amongst the thorns!
I cannot see why men defame,
And this my heart now mourns.
O gracious Lord, hear now my praise,
I on Thy bosom lean;
Immortal source, eternal grace,
Thy beauty I have seen.

“After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the scripture might be fulfilled, saith, I thirst.” 
John 19:28
(D.C.M.  Rhos)

I heard the cry of mercy mild
Which broke my heart in two:
A voice so full for me His child –
My soul towards Him flew.
‘I thirst’ He cried with parching heart,
‘Forgive them’, was His song;
And heaven heard and hell did start,
For He had done no wrong.

No sponge of wine with bitter stain
His thirst could ever quench:
The ocean wide and clouds of rain
This desert never drench.
For souls He called, for hearts He pined,
This satisfaction strange:
He cried for me, and showed mankind
The love that does not change.

His thirsty soul He satisfied,
And called me by His Name.
He drew me close to His dear side
And told me why He came:
The eternal plan of God for man
Fulfilled on painful tree;
His blood was shed, and showed the span
Of love so wide and free.

Beyond the cross and bitter curse,
I see God’s plan sublime:
He breaks the clouds of death for us –
Pours mercy into time.
Was ever agony like this,
That spread such life abroad?
For at the cross see mercy’s kiss
Which drew us to the Lord.

“And there shall in no wise enter into it anything that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life.” 
Revelation 21:27
(D.S.M.  Llanllyfni)

I heard the Father’s cry,
Who turns away from sin:
He shuts the gates, and those who try
Can never enter in.
Then heaven is barred to me,
My fancied merit, loss:
My woeful lot – where can I flee
And rid my soul of dross?

How shall I find a way
To come to God above;
When all my efforts lead astray,
My poor soul pants for love?
‘Tis then I see His grace,
Revealing mercy’s part;
Then all my sin and life’s disgrace
I lay on Jesus’ heart.

O Saviour now so kind,
What heart of love is Thine!
For all my sin and stain I find
On Christ the King divine.
What can I say, my Lord?
What tongue can ever tell?
The gift of grace does now afford
A path that passes hell.

My Saviour’s merit pleads
A place for me to stand;
An advocate who intercedes;
My Hope, at God’s right hand.
Who is this Friend I need,
Who shed His blood for me?
Behold the Christ, whose death and deed
Forgive eternally!

What does He show to God
That satisfies His heart,
That stems His wrath, and stays His rod,
And bids me not depart?
It is His righteousness,
Displayed in Christ His Son,
Has granted me this blessedness,
That Christ alone has won.

Then I shall praise His name
With songs that come from Him;
He granted me a heart aflame
That sin can never dim.
Rejoice, my soul, rejoice!
O glorious Trinity,
My cup is full, and fills my voice
With gratitude to Thee.

“I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord.” 
Philippians 3:8
(L.M.  Bodmin)

I once believed my life a gain,
And thought that I would grace attain:
The Spirit showed me all the dross,
And now I see it all but loss.

Then I beheld the Saviour’s face,
And looked upon a life of grace:
When I compared my feeble chart,
Shame and remorse then filled my heart.

O to be found in Christ alone,
For on the cross He did atone:
He took my sin and nailed it there,
And gave a gown of grace to wear.

Now I dismiss my foolish pride,
Covered in Christ in whom I hide:
All this by faith that will not fail,
Granted by God, I will prevail.

O wondrous joy the Lord to know,
I will delight Thy name to show:
Yet, I desire to know Thee more,
I hunger for Thy boundless store.

Thy risen power I long to prove,
Fully enabled in each move:
Through fellowship of suffering sweet,
I worship Thee and ever greet.

Confirm me now in image strange;
Death worketh life, what great exchange!
Yet I believe in Thine increase;
Lord, evermore may I decrease.

Lord, all my life to do Thy will,
This by Thy grace I will fulfill:
Then Thou wilt change my body vile,
Fashioned in Christ – I wait awhile.

“I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” 
Hebrews 13:5
(98.98.D  Crugybar)

I saw a new vision of Jesus,
A view I’d not seen here before,
Beholding in glory so wondrous
With beauty I had to adore.
I stood on the shores of my weakness,
And gazed at the brink of such fear;
‘Twas then that I saw Him in newness,
Regarding Him fair and so dear.

My Saviour will never forsake me,
Unveiling His merciful face,
His presence and promise almighty,
Redeeming His loved ones by grace.
In shades of the valley’s dark terror,
Where hell and its horror hold sway,
My Jesus will reach out in power,
And save me by His only way.

For yonder a light shines eternal,
Which spreads through the valley of gloom;
Lord Jesus, resplendent and regal,
Drives fear far away from the tomb.
Our God is the end of the journey,
His pleasant and glorious domain;
For there are the children of mercy,
Who praise Him for Calvary’s pain.

“I beseech you therefore brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.” 
Romans 12:1
(88.88.88.  St. Chrysostom)

I saw an altar far away
With gentle Lamb that men did slay;
A costly place of bitter pain,
A cross the price that moved our stain.
The wrath of God faced Christ alone,
For sin of man He did atone.

O blessèd spot of joy and bliss,
A cleansing flow my heart did kiss;
A place where peace and mercy meet
In one embrace forever sweet.
Almighty God, blest Trinity,
For this my soul will worship Thee.

Then take my life for Thee alone,
And ever rule upon my throne,
As on the altar I recline,
A living sacrifice of Thine.
Lord, keep me with Thy lovely grace,
Transformed for all to see Thy face.

Fashions of earth now fade away,
Courses of evil must not stay:
Merciful Father, see Thy child,
Incline my heart with strength so mild.
Always secure in Thee I find
Sufficient grace and peace of mind.

Thy perfect will is my delight,
And in my heart renewing light:
Thus in my daily life I pray,
Delight in good, a holy way;
Wonderful change, that all may see
What God Almighty did for me.

“And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins.” 
Ephesians 2:1
(D.C.M.  Vox Dilecti)

I thank Thee for that silent touch
In secret changed my heart;
Removed the cause of heaven’s reproach,
Bade sin’s domain depart.
O breath of hope and holiness,
Sweet messenger of light;
O Holy One my heart did bless
And grant my soul new sight.

What deep distress weighed down my soul,
Like mountains of despair;
My soul cried out to be made whole,
My ruins to repair!
He turned my eyes from sin and shame
To see His glorious face;
His gaze of mercy like a flame
Revived my soul with grace.

O Son of God, the crucified,
The choice of heaven above,
Descended to our depths and died,
In that great act of love.
What gratitude can ever tell
Of such a debt to pay;
That death of death that conquered hell
And saved us for that Day?

My soul will never turn away,
The old ways to desire;
What wondrous waves of grace now sway
My will, His way aspire.
For God Himself, my end, my aim,
My everlasting store;
Anew in Christ, I will attain
His heaven, and Him adore.

“I waited patiently for the Lord; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.” 
Psalm 40:1
(D.C.M.  Kingsfold)

I waited sadly for the Lord,
But darkness veiled His face;
I clung to sin and shunned His Word;
Yet longed to prove His grace.
A heavy burden on me lay
And conflict tore my heart;
No satisfaction from each way;
Despair was all my part.

The Lord inclined and heard my cry
And saw my dreadful plight:
A path of sin and pit of clay,
A place of dismal night.
He brought me out of unbelief,
And showed me truth divine;
With quickening touch with life so brief,
Immortal breath was mine.

My feet upon a rock I found,
His blessing on life’s race,
A song of joy with sweetest sound,
A melody of grace.
I’ll praise the God of Abraham,
Who saw how I had roamed,
For worthy, worthy is the Lamb,
Who on the cross atoned.

“And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.”
Genesis 9:16
(77. 77.  Buckland)

I, while going on my way,
Saw a rainbow in the sky;
I remembered God had given
Words that promised life and heaven.

Rainbow, sign for ever new,
Red and yellow, green and blue,
In its beauty bright I trace
Marks of God’s unfailing grace.

In my joy I sought to run,
Nearer to the rainbow come,
But the rainbow would not stay,
To far regions slipped away.

Now no longer do I raise
In my land glad songs of praise;
Jesus, like the rainbow bright,
Has departed from my sight.

Rainbow, rainbow, O return,
Do not leave me here to mourn;
Jesus, tell me I am Thine,
In my heart forever shine.

Trans. Edmund Owen

“The dew of Hermon”  Psalm 133:3 (C.M.)

In Christ there is a bond so sweet
Experienced by His own;
This mystic union where we meet,
Where He Himself is known.

For there are depths of love divine,
That flood our souls anew.
A place of treasure so sublime,
Awaits our souls to sue.

The hill of God with purest dew
Refresh, revive the soul.
He will His grace, to such endue
Who for His mercy call.

Command Oh God that word of life,
Bring hope unto the dead,
That we would see the end of strife
And glorify the Head.

“For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.” 
1 Corinthians 15:22
(  Ellasgarth)

In Eden fair, a place divine;
Image of God, stood man, created whole;
Through Satan’s guile, he fell by sin’s design:
A guilty soul.

In ancient days, in Edom far,
There stood a warrior wounded there for me;
He trod the winepress bearing every scar
Of love’s decree.

In sad Gethsemane He prayed,
And drank the cup of pain, the Father’s will;
For there He wept and angels Him sustained,
As time stood still.

In God’s full time, eternal plan,
My Saviour stood for me, and in my place,
He hung alone, the Son of God and Man;
An act of grace.

In that great day, ordained above,
The Son of God will come unto His own;
The sons of grace and sons of sovereign love,
To bring them home.

In that blest land, Jerusalem,
No tears are known, for God alone draws near.
The saints are glad and sing the great ‘Amen’,
For God is here.

In songs of joy, I’ll ever raise
My thankful heart, adoring God alone;
Forever satisfied, on Him I’ll gaze
Before His throne.

“And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, My God, why hast  Thou forsaken me?” 
Matthew 27:46
(  Ellasgarth)

Incarnate God, of virgin born,
Only begotten Son of God above:
Love of the Godhead now in human form,
The King of love.

Angels proclaimed, promise of peace,
Praising our God in glorious sweet accord:
Shepherds in fear, were told of man’s release,
In Christ the Lord.

Symbol of Kings, symbol of death,
Symbol of Deity the wise men brought:
Gold, frankincense and myrrh, the gifts of earth;
Yet Christ they sought.

God’s will revealed, now men may tell
Fulfilment true in Christ the word did bring;
Hour of the Cross and triumph over hell,
For Christ is King.


Hymns Index ABC

A beautiful name I have heard
A corn of wheat abides alone
A path of grace and mercy
Against Thee have I sinned
All glory to our God
All praise and honour to the child
All that I am I now confess
All that the eye can ever see
All we like sheep have gone astray
Angels gaze amazed in wonder
Armour of God, blest panoply
Around the throne of God above
Author of life and fount ...
Author of life and pardoning love
Awake O sword of Israel’s Lord
Awake, my soul, the view behold
Behold, how blessèd is the place
Belovèd of the Throne on High
Blest Holy Spirit, Breath Divine
Come let us praise that Holy Name
Come to Beth'lem town
Comfort our hearts, our strength ... 
Create in us, O Lord

Hymns Index DEF

Dawn of the resurrection day
Deep in my heart there is a sigh
Enable me to see
Eternal God, o sovereign grace
Eternal Splendour, Glorious God
Everlasting is the Word
Far off I see the kindness
Father forgive, they know not ...
Favour Thy land, O God of all creation

Hymns Index GHI

Gaze upon the hills of Zion
Gentle breeze, gentle breeze
Glory to Thee, my Lord
Glory to Thee, O God above
God eternal in salvation
God eternal, can it be
God of righteousness and mercy
God, unseen, yet I love Thee
Grant me a glimpse of glory Lord
Grant, O Lord, our pure petition
Great and wondrous is the mystery
Great is the gospel ...
Have you heard the voice of Jesus
Here behold a place of mercy
Here I stand in sin by nature
How blest are they who know ...
How sweet a message came to me
How sweet the knowledge in my heart
How wondrous is the fellowship
I find within my soul a sigh
I gaze at the wonder of love
I have not been this way before
I have not seen Thy face, O Lord
I heard about a narrow way
I heard about a place so sweet
I heard about the Son of Man
I heard the cry of mercy mild
I heard the Father’s cry
I once believed my life a gain
I saw a new vision of Jesus
I saw an altar far away
I thank Thee for that silent touch
I waited sadly for the Lord
I, while going on my way
In Christ there is a bond so sweet
In Eden fair, a place divine
Incarnate God, of virgin born

Hymns Index JKL

Jerusalem will come to earth
Lead my soul O God of Heaven
Let my rest in thee be peaceful
Let my soul for ever praise
Let my soul now praise the Saviour
Lift my gaze, O Lord Almighty
Lift up mine eyes to seek
Living Spirit of awakening
Lord Almighty, King divine
Lord Jesus Christ, I worship Thee
Lord of all this vast creation
Lord of grace and power, I love Thee
Lord, open Thou my eyes

Hymns Index MNO

My soul will ever praise
My voyage heads through
O blessèd day, O wondrous dawn
O bring us to that precious place
O comfort of my longing heart
O Father, Son and Holy Dove
O glorious God, so full of grace
O glorious Majesty on high
O God supreme, we Thee adore
O grant on earth the knowledge ...
O have mercy gracious Saviour
O hear the cry of saints below
O let my lips sing forth Thy praise
O living Lord of grace and truth
O Lord what work of grace is this
O Lord, Thou seest my distress
O Lord, Thy touch hath stirred my soul
O Sacred Breath and Holy One
O Saviour of my soul
O send Thy Spirit to Thy child
O Son of Man, O Son of God
O soul of mine, what do I find
O stir my soul to gaze on Thee
O tell me, Lord, what pleaseth Thee
O have mercy, gracious Saviour
Oh for a faith’s perception
Oh to search the wondrous wisdom
Our hearts long for that presence
Outstretch Thy wings, O holy Dove

Hymns Index PQR

Persuaded by Thy word
Radiant in Thy glory
Reach out my soul to Him who loves
Rend the heavens Thou Prince ...
Revive Thy work, as in the days ...
Rich the wood that bore the Saviour

Hymns Index STU

Sad were our chains and sore unkind
Saviour, see my spirit failing
Savour of Christ, possess my soul
See Christ the Victor raised
See yonder Calvary
See, my soul, the courts of God
Shake the earth, O mighty Saviour
Show me Thy hands, a myriad names
Show my soul this blessèd Saviour
Thanks be to Thee, my God
The day of Thy grace is at hand
The God of grace and love
The highway of the Lord ...
The Holy Ghost has come
The hour is come, the Saviour cried
The Lord drew near my love to find
The Lord is good with tender way
The Lord of glory formed the earth
The mansions of the Lord
The Saviour now ascends
The Saviour’s sad visage behold
The voice of God eternal
The ways of God outspan the sky
There came a day of glory
There is a fount of costly love
There is a home with God above
There is a love that Christ alone
There is a path from heaven above
There is a path of pardon
There is a place of sweet repose
There is a rest prepared
There is a Rock on which I stand
There is a Shepherd bidding
There’s none but Jesus ...
Thou art the dearest to my heart
Thy beauty Lord for ashes give
Thy gentle hand has touched my heart
Thy grace, my God, is mighty
Thy living word my heart did break
Thy perfect law is my delight
Thy tender grace I’ve sought so long
Turn us again, Shepherd Divine
Unmoved are they who in Thee stay

Hymns Index VWXYZ

Visit this vine, O Lord most high
We greet the Prince of Glory
We stand before the Judge of time
We waited for the Lord
We worship Thee, the King of grace
Wean my sad heart from ...
What caused my heart to turn away
What fierce and fearful foe
What is this scene upon a hill
What is this sound among ...
What is this stirring in my breast
What is this, the cloud that darkens
What pangs of pain are these
What piercing cry from cross of pain
What was the mystery Divine
What wondrous sight now ...
What wounds are these within ...
Whatever may befall me
When God approached, my ...
When in an alien land we wept
When storms of life engulf my way
Who is this fearful foe
Who is this that looked upon me
Who is this we see approaching
Who is this, with joy approaching
With thankful heart I praise
Wonderful truth unfold

Emynau Cymraeg
Welsh Hymns

Addolwn Dduw â chân
Addolwn Dduw ein Iôr
Ar fy nhaith trwy Gymru lon
Ar lan hen afon Babilon
Arglwydd, gwrando ar fy ngweddi
Arglwydd Iesu, gwrando weddi
Beth yw’r cwmwl sydd o’m cwmpas
Cefais olwg ar f’anwylyd
Creaist yn fy nghalon niraeth
Diolch am Dy dyner ofal
Edrych ar fy nghalon ‘styfnig
Fe ges weledigaeth o'r Iesu
Galwaf arnat o’r dyfnderoedd
Gwelais Seion, ddinas hynod
Gwelais yn ei wedd fy ngobaith
Llais y lleidr alwodd allan
Mae fy nghalon yn ymofyn
O bell y gwelodd fi
O beth yw’r pla ar eglwys Dduw
O mor hyfryd ydyw trigo
Pa gyffro mawr fu’r dyddiau gynt
Pêr ydyw enw Duw
Pwy sydd fugail fel yr Iesu
Pwy yw’r gŵr o flaen y Barnwr
Trwy ing fy nghalon o fy Nuw
Tywysog teyrnas lân
Yn y gwledda a’r llawenydd