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Publications: Books 

God's Workmanship (Christian Focus, 1997)
Law of Love (Heath Christian Trust, 1981)
Law of Love (republished WVHigham Trust 2008)
Unsearchable Riches (Christian Focus, 2003)
The Turn of the Tide (International Awakening Ministries/Heath Trust, 1995)
L'aventure de la Grace (Europresse, 2000)

Publications: Hymn Collections

Hymns of W.V. Higham (Tentmaker, 1998)
Giving Thanks: Collection of English and Welsh Hymns (EMW, 1968)
Joy Unspeakable: Collection of English and Welsh Hymns (EMW, 1969)
Making Melody (Heath Christian Trust, 1981)

Publications: Pamphlets/Tracts

Faith of Our Fathers (Heath Evangelical Church/Heath Christian Trust, 1977)
Letters to the Soul (2005-2010)

Further Publications

Further to the republication of "Law of Love" by WVHigham Trust, publications of "God's Workmanship" & "Law of Love" in other languages are being considered by the Trust.

The Hymns of W.V.Higham
Published by Tentmaker

“A bound volume of 158 hymns which will make an excellent gift. This great preacher has the compelling tenderness of Welsh sacred poetry buried in his soul. The hymns include exultant praise, reflection and petition. Some were composed during times of sickness, and show the way to revive “sensible” grace when clouds obscure and shadows fall. Excellent for composing the heart for devotions.” Peter Masters


The Law of Love
Published by WVHigham Trust

The Law of Love was first published in 1981 by Heath Christian Trust. The WVHigham Trust has re-published the book in time for the Summer Conference in July 2008, where Vernon Higham will be giving four conference sermons, entitled 'The Law of Love'.

“The aim of the law of God is to make us holy in our behaviour and holy in our lives. This is why it is dangerous when we have forms of evangelicalism which ignore any kind of holiness of life. It is equally dangerous to have a legalism that ignores the joy of the Lord. The Bible is quite clear about it – the aim of the law of God is that we should be a holy people. In this book, Vernon Higham provides us with a delightful expression of the glorious law of God and captures Christ’s summary of the Ten Commandments, of being rooted in love to God and man.”

“It would be impossible for men and women to fulfil the law of God because of their fallen nature. Nevertheless, it has the important function of being our schoolmaster, to teach us that, despite all our efforts, we fall short of the glory of God. God, in His mercy, has looked upon us and has helped us. He sent His Son into this world to fulfil these laws in our place, and to bear the punishment of our failure in His sacrifice on Calvary. When a person, by the grace of God, has come to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour, a new life has begun. The very same law that broke our hearts now becomes the rule of life. Every believer is given grace to enable him to love God and his neighbour, which is something he could not have done before. He is now able to live to the glory of God. The law of God cannot be dismissed, as it is God’s will that we should be a holy people and, henceforth, this is our path.”