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Vernon Higham
& Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Vernon Higham and Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Words taken from
'The Turn of the Tide'
published in 1995

"In the Bible we find men and women who knew all the while that nothing could happen without God's blessing, yet who ventured to plead and argue and strive with God in prayer, until that time when His favour was at long last granted to them."


Throughout a long and devoted ministry in chapels in Wales, in Swansea, Llandewi Brefi and Heath Church, Cardiff (where he was pastor for 40 years), and more recently at Tabernacle Cardiff, Vernon Higham has shown a concern for the deep moral and spiritual decline of the Church of our day, together with the attendant effects on our society and culture. He has a personal burden for the seeking of God in revival power.

Emphasis of Ministry

His ministry has been characterised throughout by faithful Biblical preaching - emphasising salvation by grace alone which results in gracious, holy living - and a burden for the Lord to visit the church in reviving power. Vernon Higham's ministry is both practical and deeply experiential. Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones once advised Vernon Higham to always bring the need of revival before the people. Vernon Higham most certainly put this into practice. The emphasis on the work of the Spirit and the need of a Divine Visitation is a hallmark of his ministry.

The Lord in His grace was pleased to bless the ministry of Vernon Higham, with a holy unction, which has lead to many people owing him a debt of gratitude. Many have been saved and brought to a deeper experience of the Lord, through his preaching and example. His ministry was, and is, deeply experimental.

Vernon Higham was greatly influenced by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, the well-known preacher who ministered at Westminster Chapel for over 30 years. Vernon Higham knew him as a personal friend and much of the emphasis found in the ministry of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones can be seen in the ministry of Vernon Higham.

Ethos of the WVHigham Trust

The aim and ethos of the Trust is to simply promote the truths mentioned above through making available to as many as possible, the sermons and other material by Vernon Higham. To this end, the Trust was established in 2006 with the principal aim of securing, recording and making available the archive of sermons, bible studies and conference messages of Vernon Higham’s ministry. 

All sermons and messages on the WVHigham Trust website are freely available for listening or downloading. CDs and DVDs are available at low cost. The Trust is also engaged in biography and publication of books. Furthermore, the website has a complete library of Vernon Higham's hymns, many of which have not been published.

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