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Expanding the Archive
The Trust welcomes support from other churches and Christian organisations concerning Vernon Higham’s ministry. We would welcome information you may have concerning his preaching, and we are interested in obtaining archival and recording information as part of our research and outreach. Please contact the Trust.

WVHigham Trust Funding

The Trust does not set out to make a profit through its sales or any other method. It aims to cover running costs through the kind support of churches and individuals, and nominal charges for CDs and other materials. We value your financial and prayerful support of the work.

Rev W. Vernon HighamRev W. Vernon HighamRev W. Vernon Higham

WVHigham Trust Contact Details

WVHigham Trust, c/o Tabernacle Cardiff, Pen-y-wain Road, Roath, Cardiff CF24 4GG

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Alun Higham (Trustee)
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