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Composition of Hymns

Most of Vernon Higham's hymns were written during a period of serious illness. The hymns reflect the nearness of the Lord at a time of weakness. The very first hymn written in this period of ill health was 'I saw a new vision of Jesus - A view I'd not seen here before'. Other well known hymns include, 'Great is the Gospel of our Glorious God' and 'Deep in my heart there is a sigh'. The majority of Vernon Higham's hymns can be found in 'The Hymns of Vernon Higham' published by Tentmaker. Other publications include some of his Welsh hymns. A number of well known hymns by Vernon Higham, and also more recent compositions, can be found in the new hymn book called 'Christian Worship', recently published.

Publications: Hymns

Hymns of W.V. Higham (Tentmaker, 1998)
Giving Thanks: Collection of English and Welsh Hymns (Evangelical Movement of Wales, 1968)
Joy Unspeakable: Collection of English and Welsh Hymns (Evangelical Movement of Wales,1969)
Making Melody (Heath Christian Trust, 1981)

The Hymns of W.V.Higham
Published by Tentmaker

“A bound volume of 158 hymns which will make an excellent gift. This great preacher has the compelling tenderness of Welsh sacred poetry buried in his soul. The hymns include exultant praise, reflection and petition. Some were composed during times of sickness, and show the way to revive “sensible” grace when clouds obscure and shadows fall. Excellent for composing the heart for devotions.” Peter Masters

Well known hymns by Vernon Higham
"Great is the Gospel"

Great is the gospel of our glorious God,
Where mercy met the anger of God’s rod;
A penalty was paid and pardon bought,
And sinners lost, at last to Him were brought:

O let the praises of my heart be Thine,
For Christ has died that I may call Him mine,
That I may sing with those who dwell above,
Adoring, praising Jesus, King of Love.

Great is the mystery of godliness,
Great is the work of God’s own holiness,
It moves my soul, and causes me to long
For greater joys than to the earth belong:

The Spirit vindicated Christ our Lord,
And angels sang with joy and sweet accord;
The nations heard, a dark world flamed with light –
When Jesus rose in glory and in might:

"Deep in my heart"

Deep in my heart there is a sigh,
A longing, Lord, for Thee;
To know the depths that in Thee lie,
The grace of Calvary.
O grant that I might understand
Thy glorious mystery,
More of Thyself, and by Thy hand
Obedience stir in me.

Thy living power I long to prove
In resurrection might,
With overcoming grace to move
Each sin that dims this light.
O grant that I may find the source
Of hidden strength and stay,
Which flows from Thee, and on its course
O draw my soul each day.

There is a fellowship of pain
Deep in Thy heart of love,
O suffering sweet, eternal gain,
The tears of heaven above.
O grant me, Lord, to feel this joy,
These tremors of Thy grace;
Engraved by Thee, none can destroy
The riches I embrace.

Then lead me in this wondrous way
To die to self and sin;
And take me, Lord, when Thou dost slay,
And drive Thy grace within.
O grant me now an image sweet
Impressed upon my heart;
With joy I lie beneath Thy feet,
To weep and not depart.

"Have you heard the voice of Jesus"

Have you heard the voice of Jesus
Softly pleading with your heart?
Have you felt His presence glorious,
As He calls your soul apart,
With a love so true and loyal,
Love divine that ever flows
From a Saviour, righteous, royal,
And a cross that mercy shows?

Have you heard the voice of mercy
Granting peace and pardon pure?
Have you felt the balm of Calvary
Binding all your wounds secure?
Was there ever such salvation?
Was there ever care like this?
See the Saviour’s grief and passion,
Grace and mercy’s gentle kiss.

Have you heard the Saviour calling
All to leave and follow Him?
Have you felt His Person drawing
With compulsion lives to win?
Hearken to His invitation,
To the music of God’s grace;
Let the peace of God’s salvation
Fill your soul, and love embrace.

Will you hear the voice of Jesus
Calling home to mansions fair?
Will you know the promise precious,
And the Shepherd’s tender care?
Yes, if you in life responded
To God’s grace and gospel sound:
For they never are confounded
Who believed and Jesus found.

"I saw a new vision"

I saw a new vision of Jesus,
A view I’d not seen here before,
Beholding in glory so wondrous
With beauty I had to adore.
I stood on the shores of my weakness,
And gazed at the brink of such fear;
‘Twas then that I saw Him in newness,
Regarding Him fair and so dear.

My Saviour will never forsake me,
Unveiling His merciful face,
His presence and promise almighty,
Redeeming His loved ones by grace.
In shades of the valley’s dark terror,
Where hell and its horror hold sway,
My Jesus will reach out in power,
And save me by His only way.

For yonder a light shines eternal,
Which spreads through the valley of gloom;
Lord Jesus, resplendent and regal,
Drives fear far away from the tomb.
Our God is the end of the journey,
His pleasant and glorious domain;
For there are the children of mercy,
Who praise Him for Calvary’s pain.

Hymns Index ABC

A beautiful name I have heard
A corn of wheat abides alone
A path of grace and mercy
Against Thee have I sinned
All glory to our God
All praise and honour to the child
All that I am I now confess
All that the eye can ever see
All we like sheep have gone astray
Angels gaze amazed in wonder
Armour of God, blest panoply
Around the throne of God above
Author of life and fount ...
Author of life and pardoning love
Awake O sword of Israel’s Lord
Awake, my soul, the view behold
Behold, how blessèd is the place
Belovèd of the Throne on High
Blest Holy Spirit, Breath Divine
Come let us praise that Holy Name
Come to Beth'lem town
Comfort our hearts, our strength ... 
Create in us, O Lord

Hymns Index DEF

Dawn of the resurrection day
Deep in my heart there is a sigh
Enable me to see
Eternal God, o sovereign grace
Eternal Splendour, Glorious God
Everlasting is the Word
Far off I see the kindness
Father forgive, they know not ...
Favour Thy land, O God of all creation

Hymns Index GHI

Gaze upon the hills of Zion
Gentle breeze, gentle breeze
Glory to Thee, my Lord
Glory to Thee, O God above
God eternal in salvation
God eternal, can it be
God of righteousness and mercy
God, unseen, yet I love Thee
Grant me a glimpse of glory Lord
Grant, O Lord, our pure petition
Great and wondrous is the mystery
Great is the gospel ...
Have you heard the voice of Jesus
Here behold a place of mercy
Here I stand in sin by nature
How blest are they who know ...
How sweet a message came to me
How sweet the knowledge in my heart
How wondrous is the fellowship
I find within my soul a sigh
I gaze at the wonder of love
I have not been this way before
I have not seen Thy face, O Lord
I heard about a narrow way
I heard about a place so sweet
I heard about the Son of Man
I heard the cry of mercy mild
I heard the Father’s cry
I once believed my life a gain
I saw a new vision of Jesus
I saw an altar far away
I thank Thee for that silent touch
I waited sadly for the Lord
I, while going on my way
In Christ there is a bond so sweet
In Eden fair, a place divine
Incarnate God, of virgin born

Hymns Index JKL

Jerusalem will come to earth
Lead my soul O God of Heaven
Let my rest in thee be peaceful
Let my soul for ever praise
Let my soul now praise the Saviour
Lift my gaze, O Lord Almighty
Lift up mine eyes to seek
Living Spirit of awakening
Lord Almighty, King divine
Lord Jesus Christ, I worship Thee
Lord of all this vast creation
Lord of grace and power, I love Thee
Lord, open Thou my eyes

Hymns Index MNO

My soul will ever praise
My voyage heads through
O blessèd day, O wondrous dawn
O bring us to that precious place
O comfort of my longing heart
O Father, Son and Holy Dove
O glorious God, so full of grace
O glorious Majesty on high
O God supreme, we Thee adore
O grant on earth the knowledge ...
O have mercy gracious Saviour
O hear the cry of saints below
O let my lips sing forth Thy praise
O living Lord of grace and truth
O Lord what work of grace is this
O Lord, Thou seest my distress
O Lord, Thy touch hath stirred my soul
O Sacred Breath and Holy One
O Saviour of my soul
O send Thy Spirit to Thy child
O Son of Man, O Son of God
O soul of mine, what do I find
O stir my soul to gaze on Thee
O tell me, Lord, what pleaseth Thee
O have mercy, gracious Saviour
Oh for a faith’s perception
Oh to search the wondrous wisdom
Our hearts long for that presence
Outstretch Thy wings, O holy Dove

Hymns Index PQR

Persuaded by Thy word
Radiant in Thy glory
Reach out my soul to Him who loves
Rend the heavens Thou Prince ...
Revive Thy work, as in the days ...
Rich the wood that bore the Saviour

Hymns Index STU

Sad were our chains and sore unkind
Saviour, see my spirit failing
Savour of Christ, possess my soul
See Christ the Victor raised
See yonder Calvary
See, my soul, the courts of God
Shake the earth, O mighty Saviour
Show me Thy hands, a myriad names
Show my soul this blessèd Saviour
Thanks be to Thee, my God
The day of Thy grace is at hand
The God of grace and love
The highway of the Lord ...
The Holy Ghost has come
The hour is come, the Saviour cried
The Lord drew near my love to find
The Lord is good with tender way
The Lord of glory formed the earth
The mansions of the Lord
The Saviour now ascends
The Saviour’s sad visage behold
The voice of God eternal
The ways of God outspan the sky
There came a day of glory
There is a fount of costly love
There is a home with God above
There is a love that Christ alone
There is a path from heaven above
There is a path of pardon
There is a place of sweet repose
There is a rest prepared
There is a Rock on which I stand
There is a Shepherd bidding
There’s none but Jesus ...
Thou art the dearest to my heart
Thy beauty Lord for ashes give
Thy gentle hand has touched my heart
Thy grace, my God, is mighty
Thy living word my heart did break
Thy perfect law is my delight
Thy tender grace I’ve sought so long
Turn us again, Shepherd Divine
Unmoved are they who in Thee stay

Hymns Index VWXYZ

Visit this vine, O Lord most high
We greet the Prince of Glory
We stand before the Judge of time
We waited for the Lord
We worship Thee, the King of grace
Wean my sad heart from ...
What caused my heart to turn away
What fierce and fearful foe
What is this scene upon a hill
What is this sound among ...
What is this stirring in my breast
What is this, the cloud that darkens
What pangs of pain are these
What piercing cry from cross of pain
What was the mystery Divine
What wondrous sight now ...
What wounds are these within ...
Whatever may befall me
When God approached, my ...
When in an alien land we wept
When storms of life engulf my way
Who is this fearful foe
Who is this that looked upon me
Who is this we see approaching
Who is this, with joy approaching
With thankful heart I praise
Wonderful truth unfold

Emynau Cymraeg
Welsh Hymns

Addolwn Dduw â chân
Addolwn Dduw ein Iôr
Ar fy nhaith trwy Gymru lon
Ar lan hen afon Babilon
Arglwydd, gwrando ar fy ngweddi
Arglwydd Iesu, gwrando weddi
Beth yw’r cwmwl sydd o’m cwmpas
Cefais olwg ar f’anwylyd
Creaist yn fy nghalon niraeth
Diolch am Dy dyner ofal
Edrych ar fy nghalon ‘styfnig
Fe ges weledigaeth o'r Iesu
Galwaf arnat o’r dyfnderoedd
Gwelais Seion, ddinas hynod
Gwelais yn ei wedd fy ngobaith
Llais y lleidr alwodd allan
Mae fy nghalon yn ymofyn
O bell y gwelodd fi
O beth yw’r pla ar eglwys Dduw
O mor hyfryd ydyw trigo
Pa gyffro mawr fu’r dyddiau gynt
Pêr ydyw enw Duw
Pwy sydd fugail fel yr Iesu
Pwy yw’r gŵr o flaen y Barnwr
Trwy ing fy nghalon o fy Nuw
Tywysog teyrnas lân
Yn y gwledda a’r llawenydd