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Do you know that there are two kinds of atheists? There is the atheist who is a person who lives his own life without any consideration of God. He has not really considered whether there is a God or not and never gives Him a thought. These are called practical atheists. There is, however, another kind of atheist, and this is the one I intend to address. This atheist has decided that there is no God – he categorically denies His existence. As far as he is concerned, the very idea of God is unacceptable to him. I wonder if this is where you stand?

There is a difference between an agnostic and an atheist. An agnostic is a person who neither denies, nor believes in, the existence of God; he just does not know. The atheist with whom I am concerned is convinced that there is no God – he is called a theoretical atheist. That is, he believes that he has worked out his conclusion logically.

I would imagine that such a position would be very difficult to defend. There would be so many unanswered questions. The first and foremost of these questions would be the fact of our existence – that we are beings with feelings and concerns. Most certainly, it would be difficult to explain the creation of this world and the vast beyond. Do you really think that this just happened, or can you possibly conclude that all the manifestations of life are purely haphazard and accidental? I appeal to you to consider the fact that we, and all around us, are wonderfully made. To be an atheist in the absolute form must be difficult to maintain and to live with.

The Bible describes an atheist in a very forthright manner. I do not believe this comment is meant to be offensive, but rather, it is meant to be realistic. ‘The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God’ (Psalm 53.1). The term ‘fool’ is used because he neglects His Creator, whom he has to meet one day. The Bible suggests that the atheist’s views are not logically thought through, but come from a heart that is ‘deceitful above all things and desperately wicked’ (Jeremiah 17.9). Such a decision you cannot trust. Meanwhile, you have to be realistic and consider the fact of the strong probability of a God who has character and a will. Meeting Him has to be seriously considered, and I implore you to do this. Let me tell you a little about this God. He has many qualities and amongst them is the distinctive character of His holiness. This holiness poses a problem for the immortal soul of man, in that nothing that is opposite to God can approach Him: essentially, we are sinful but God is holy. Somehow, there must be a way to approach Him, or we would not be here, or have a concept of God in our minds.

Can you imagine a creature being totally disinterested in his creator? That would be a contradiction of nature itself. All around us we see the relationship between parent and child, and this is also reflected in the animal world. The Christian is a person who believes in the God who cares for and loves His creation. Such was His love for His creation that He sent His Son into this world to help us; there could be no greater form of communication than that the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, should live amongst men and women.

The Lord Jesus Christ makes it quite clear that He is the only way to God when He says: ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me’ (John 14.6). This being true, we must consider this remarkable intervention in the history of the world. The Lord Jesus Christ came to die in order that we might live. His death on the cross was a punishment for our sin, and His life on earth, a fulfilment of God’s requirements in His Law. You can see that this clears the way for us to approach a holy God. I appeal to your heart to draw near and to your mind to consider that there is a God and that there is a Saviour.

There remains the problem of the appropriation of these benefits to yourself and your soul. In a remarkable way, God gives us the ability to turn away from our sin. We call this repentance. As well as this, we find ourselves exercising a faith that takes us to Christ and a relationship with God.

I believe atheism is impossible and that God is a reality. Come now, dear atheist, and humble yourself. Please lay aside your pride and seek God with all your heart. This will totally change your life and assure you of a great destination in glory. Death need not be feared, for Christ has conquered death.


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